You cannot go into a dispensary here in Oklahoma without the Budtender recommending their “TOP-SHELF” cannabis line right? We have heard soooo many of our patients tell us how they’ve tried “top-shelf” product from “so-n-so” only to be disappointed with the effects.  Have you experienced this before?

Well…doubt the “TOP SHELF” cannabis quality NO MORE when you try any strain from Purple Tangie Cannabis Company. Purple Tangie is committed to producing quality, compliant, and reliable cannabis products for the state of Oklahoma. They specialize in developing and producing proprietary, ultra-premium cannabis flowers and concentrates, having won 10 High Times Cannabis Cup awards, as well as having made the Top 10 for High Times Magazine’s ‘Strongest Strains on Earth’ in 2017!

Purple Tangie is an Oklahoma based, seed-to-sale cannabis company. The company founders have been in the industry for many years, with one of the founders being an award-winning grow master from California. Purple Tangie specializes in producing ultra-premium, proprietary, cannabis for the flower product market.

We understand every grower believes they are cultivating the BEST cannabis that anyone has ever seen, but many of them don’t have the High Times and other industry accomplishments to back their statements.

Stop into the Legal Limit while supplies of Purple Tangie last (WHICH WON’T BE LONG!).

We have Purple Tangie – WEDDING CAKE!

This is an indica pheno with a remarkably sweet, vanilla cream, and lemon smell and an even better flavor. Wedding Cake produces very appealing, potent, light green buds.

We also have Purple Tangie – ICE CREAM CAKE!

This is an indica and a proprietary pheno that is potentially a 30%+ THC strain. Ice Cream Cake has sweat cream notes with fruity undertones. This strain produces exceptionally large, dense, and very potent appealing buds that are green with purple hues.

Stop in for these HARD TO FIND PURPLE TANGIE STRAINS…that will leave you understanding what TRUE, TOP-SHELF – QUALITY CANNABIS really is.

Selectively found at the Legal Limit Dispensary where there is Better Cannabis for Better Health and a Better YOU!


The Legal Limit Team